Pioneers of the Old Pueblo 

Founded: 1985

What We’re Doing

Los Descendientes del Presidio

de Tucson

P  I  O  N  E  E  R  S     O  F     T  H  E     O  L  D     P U E B L O

About the Organization

Los Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson is a 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the rich heritage of the presidio and the 'Old Pueblo'. The site, at the base of Sentinel Peak, is reputed to be the oldest continually inhabited area in the country. The beauty of the surrounding mountains, the luxurious mesquite and ponderosa pine bosques, and richness of the Santa Cruz River basin made it the perfect place to establish a fort. Nearby Indian tribes were peaceful and hard working. Their help was invaluable in building the presidio and the mission, San Xavier del Bac, known as 'the White Dove of the Desert'.